You Won't Believe Which Body Part Is All Over Selena Gomez's New Video

Selena Gomez, our favorite oversexualized adult baby and most-followed person on Instagram, is back with a new single, and the accompanying video clip honestly makes us cringe more than a little bit. Here’s some background: the new song is called Fetish. Yeah. RIP Selena Gomez the Disney star. She is dead and buried. In the lyrics, the fetish is just actually for some dude’s love (lame), but it’s clear the message she’s trying to get across is a little more Fifty Shades. Dating The Weeknd has definitely been giving her some ideas. The song features Gucci Mane, who definitely went to prison at some point, but Selena is a Mature Adult™️ who does whatever she wants. I mean, the two were in ‘Spring Breakers’ together, so I guess it’s nice to see them collab again. The first one was soooo successful.

Like ya do, Selena dropped a music video to accompnay her so and it is definitely in line with her new sex kitten brand. The audio/video/porno is 3 minutes and 4 seconds of only her lips, mouthing the words to the song and then just kind of hanging out for the rest of the time. The highlight is definitely during Gucci’s verse, when she decides to just suck on her finger for a bit. The video itself is bizarrely labeled “Fetish (Audio)” on YouTube, but it’s literally a video so who knows wtf that is about. Maybe there is another, even more explicit video to come? Who knows what body part that will be focused on. I vote elbow. 

I guess we’ll all just have to sit around and wait for the full version of the video to come out, which it definitely will. There’s no way the most followed person on Instagram is cool with having only part of her face in a video. There’s also no doubt whatever Selena is cooking up next will be just as sexual but probably involve like seven more outfit changes. Homegirl is trying to make it very clear that she’s not a child anymore. Like girl, we believe you, you’ve been singing about sex for a solid three years now.

Check out the video for yourself if you’re dying to figure out what kind of lip balm Ms. Gomez is using, but other than that you can probably just listen to the song on Spotify.