An Unlikely Activity May Have Been What Brought Selena And Justin Together

Yesterday, we told you all about how Selena Gomez dumped The Weeknd and has almost certainly gone back to sleeping with Justin Bieber. There’s a mountain of evidence that they’re seeing each other again, but we think Jesus might be the missing link here.

On Sunday morning, before the infamous breakfast that they had together, Selena and Justin were photographed going to church together. This is a big deal. It’s been well-documented that Justin has like, found religion or whatever in the last few months, and even though at times it just seemed like he was hooking up with his hot but sketchy pastor, religion has a way of bringing people together (or tearing them apart, but we’re not doing a report on your extended family right now).

Could it be that Selena noticed Justin’s new spiritual side and was interested in taking a dip in his holy waters? It’s like, the exact opposite of “started wearing less and going out more,” but it’s still a choice people make. When you dig underneath the perfect hair and mediocre music, Selena is a good girl at heart, so we can see her being into a man who likes Jesus and his mother.

So basically, we can literally thank God if Justin and Selena are back together. Sorry, The Weeknd, but maybe if you couldn’t feel your face, you should’ve tried a little harder to feel the spirit of the Lord. Or something. Actually, we know basically nothing about organized religion, so we’re going to stop talking before we sound stupid. Too late? Whatever.