Selena Gomez Unfollowed Basically Everyone On Instagram

By Ryanne Probst | January 9, 2018

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In case you were too busy blacking out (same) or eating pizza rolls for 48 hours straight hibernating from the cold (also same), you might have missed that Selena Gomez low-key deleted 279 of her Instagram followers over the weekend. So casual. 

That’s right, Selena “I Don’t Know Her” Gomez was v busy this weekend cutting people out of her life like basic bitches do carbs on January 1st. So who exactly did Selena unfollow? That list includes celeb friends and frenemies like Gigi Hadid and Demi Lovato as well as her own fucking personal assistant. HER OWN PERSONAL ASSISTANT. Honestly, I aspire to be this petty.

Left: Before. Right: After.

Swift fans can breathe easy because she still follows Taylor Swift… for now (while still being followed by more people than her). Though I suspect if Taylor even thinks about writing a semi-negative song about Justin Bieber she might be right there with Demi Lovato getting her Selena news through TMZ. Selena also still follows her stylist, friends from her NYE trip to Cabo, as well as Francia Raisa, which is good because that girl legit gave her a kidney. The very fucking least Selena could do is give her a follow back. 

We don’t know what exactly sparked this rage blackout mass deletion of followers but we know it was probably petty AF. Several outlets, including Elle, are speculating that this could be some sort of new “branding strategy” by Selena’s people, which is v similar to what I tell people after I immediately delete all the contacts in my phone who received drunk texts, snaps, and DMs that are only mildly embarrassing to me while I shame spiral the next morning. Tomato, tomahto. 

Tbh unfollowing a shitload of people after getting fucked up a Friday night is a page right out of my fucking book so like, who am I to judge? If I didn’t admire Selena before, I certainly do now that she’s starting 2018 on her best pettiest foot. Selena, you’re doing amazing, sweetie!!