Selena Gomez Cried In Public Last Night At The AMAs

Selena Gomez cried during her performance of “the heart wants what it wants” last night at the AMAs. Betch faux pas: crying in public, while somebody films it, over your ex. That's three strikes Selena. Everybody thinks this song is about Justin Bieber, which is the most embarrassing part. Like it's not like he has more money or fame than her, and it's pretty obvious that his personality is for shit, so what the fuck can the appeal be??

The worst part about this is that Selena truly was on her way to becoming a baby betch. She had a celebrity feud with Kendall Jenner, she parties with Cara Delevigne, and she peaced the fuck out of Disney to be a blackout betch in Spring Breakers. Pull yourself together Selena, he's not worth it.




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