Adulthood Means Having a Favorite Sponge—This Is Ours

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In the world of cleaning, there are countless products to earn a spot in your kitchen. From sprays to scrubs, mops to squeegees, it can be overwhelming to decide which item is worth your hard-earned dollars. But when it comes to cleaning dishes, there’s one product taking the internet by storm. Meet the Scrub Daddy Smiley Sponge. This little guy might look cute and innocent, but don’t let its charming smile fool you, it’s a serious cleaning machine. It’s even gone viral on TikTok and is a staple in all those satisfying cleaning videos you can’t help but binge-watch.

First things first, let’s talk about the design. The Scrub Daddy is shaped like a smiley face, with a mouth that doubles as a scrubber. The eyes and nose are perfect for getting into tight corners and hard-to-reach spots. And the best part? The texture of the sponge changes based on the water temperature. In hot water, it becomes soft and pliable, making it perfect for tackling delicate dishes. In cold water, it becomes firm and tough, ideal for tackling the toughest baked-on grime.

But the Scrub Daddy isn’t just a pretty face. It’s also incredibly durable, lasting up to 10 times longer than traditional sponges. And because it doesn’t scratch surfaces, you can use it on everything from glass cooktops to non-stick pans without worrying about damage.


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One of the things that sets the Scrub Daddy apart from other cleaning products is the material it’s made from. It’s constructed from a unique foam material that’s been engineered to resist odors and bacteria growth. That means no more smelly sponges that need to be replaced every few days. Plus, the foam is gentle on your hands, so you won’t end up with dry, cracked skin after a long cleaning session.

Another great feature of the Scrub Daddy is its versatility. It’s not just for dishes–you can use it to clean just about anything around the house. The scrubber is perfect for tackling stubborn soap scum in the bathroom, while the soft side is great for wiping down counters and appliances in the kitchen.

Maria Del Russo, Betches’ very-own branded and affiliate content director, uses the Scrub Daddy exclusively for cleaning. She loves how the spiky side around the top of the head get into all the nooks and crannies of her appliances—especially touch-to-clean spots, like around the burners of her stove. It’s the one sponge she has a recurring order subscription to on Amazon—that’s how much she loves it. (It’s also cheaper there then it probably is in your local grocery store FWIW.)

Overall, the Scrub Daddy Smiley Sponge is a great choice for anyone who wants to make cleaning a little more enjoyable. It’s durable, versatile, and fun to use. Why settle for a boring old sponge when you can have a smiley face that makes cleaning a little less miserable? Give the Scrub Daddy a try, ASAP.


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Andrea Marie
Andrea Marie