Proof Sofia Richie Is Way More Into Scott Disick Than He Is Into Her

We’ve always felt a deep connection with Scott Disick. From the days when he was the misunderstood playboy of the Kardashian family to now, when he’s our Lord and savior, we just want what’s best for him. It seemed like his final breakup with Kourtney hit him hard, but this year he’s been aggressively back on the dating scene with some much younger women. RIP Bella Thorne.

His current teenage flame is model Sofia Richie, daughter of Lionel and sister of Nicole, and it’s about time we figure out how serious things are. Just like they taught us in college, the best source of peer-reviewed research is Instagram stalking, so here we go.

Since October 2nd, Sofia has posted four photos of her and Scott together. By our calculations, that’s more than one photo per week, which is officially a lot. Sofia is very into Scott. Notably, three of the photos were taken in Venice, where most couples would dream of going on a lavish honeymoon, not a quick weekend while still getting to know each other.

Sofia Richie Scott Disick

Scott, on the other hand, has posted zero Instagram photos with Sofia. Ouch. But now we have to ask ourselves: Is Scott being a fuckboy, or just a regular straight guy on social media? Because of literally everything we know about Scott, the evidence seems to point to fuckboy. Scott posted multiple photos from the Venice trip, he just didn’t feel like posting the ones with Sofia. He’s very active on Instagram, but it seems like he doesn’t want to look too attached.

Scott Disick Venice Instagram

One plot twist that we can’t forget happened on Friday, when Sofia posted a mirror selfie of just herself on Scott’s Instagram story. Was this an accident? Or is she carefully marking her territory, like when a dog pees on a tree? We kind of feel like it’s the second option, considering that she clearly seems way too invested in making this relationship work.

We’ll be on the lookout for Scott actually acknowledging Sofia, but until then, it seems like he might just be up to his old fuckboy ways.