Science Says Man Buns Can Make Guys Bald

Science says wearing a dude with a man bun might be a future baldy, so watch out.

An reporter from spoke to a Mississippi dermatologist who says, “It's really, really common.” Sabra Sullivan told Mic, “I see it probably once or twice a week.”

It’s a condition known as Traction Alopecia, and it causes people to lose hair around their forehead and temples.

Women can have the same problem, but they might not be so apt to going full bald later in life. A dude with an at-risk hairline might just be advancing his dire situation. This means even if you think you’re going to get a Jared Leto, you might end up with Vin Diesel.

Don’t give up on the man bun, though. What would Monday be without it?

Just suggest your bun wielding man wear his hair in a looser knot. Just don’t pull so tight, ya feel?


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