Science Says High Heels Make You More Likely To Get Hit On

Scientific studies often do this thing where they think they’re making some groundbreaking discovery, but they’re really just confirming what betches already know.

Even though we know we are always right, a French scientist proved our theory that you’re not a betch if you wear flats.

This French dude (Nicolas Guégen) did a shit ton of experiments, including sending out two groups of women to conduct surveys on the streets (kinda sketchy but whatever). One group wore high heels and the other wore medium to flat. The high-heeled women saw that men were more eager to answer their questions than their fugly counterparts’.

The other notable experiment was when the two different groups hit the bars – the betch wearing high heels was approached by a male in 8 minutes while the Anne Hathaway wannabe didn’t catch a bro’s attention until after 14 minutes.  Even so, he was probably a backburner bro, at best.

It’s clear that wearing high heels makes you hot – fucking duh, we’ve been saying this for how long now? Always a good day when a betch discovers something before a scientist gets to it.


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