Science Says Drinking Isn’t Bad For Your Brain

Good news to all my fellow binge drinking betches. A recent study done at Washington University showed that alcohol doesn’t actually kill brain cells like previously thought. Now next time your parents try to get on your case about killing too many brain cells after a particularly rough night out, you can tell them to politely fuck off because science is on your side.

The study also said alcohol only interferes with messages sent out by the brain that control judgment, coordination, and speech, which is a major duh. No shit that alcohol is the reason why we wake up with Sunday Morning Regrets. Didn’t need a college degree to figure that one out.

The nerdy science bros found that in the long run, chronic abuse of alcohol can fuck with our ability to learn and cause permanent damage to our betchy brains.

But isn’t happiness all about living in the moment and not worrying about tomorrow? Drink up betches. However, if you'er still worried about the effects of alcohol on your body, see below: 




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