Science Says Butter May Help You Lose 3 Pounds After All

Despite what you’ve been taught to believe, butter has never been a carb (sorry Cady) and science now says that it might even help you lose weight.

According to a study just released from University of Bergen in Norway, diets high in saturated fat (i.e., all the butter and cheese) may increase HDL cholesterols in the body—the betchy kind of cholesterol that helps you live longer.

The researchers who found that ultra-obese patients were only able to lose a fuck ton of weight when placed on high fat diets—ya know, the type of diet that includes all your favorite shame-eating foods like butter, heavy cream, and cheese.

TBH, this is probably one of the better things to come out of 2016. I wanna give a shout-out to those betchy Norwegian researchers that helped to justify my once thought to be poor life choices. And never mind the fact that three other studies were published by American researchers only months earlier, claiming that butter increased the risk of mortality and “is best avoided.” We all know that America’s been stupid AF lately.

Of course, moderation is probably always low-key best when it comes to these things. Like, if you find yourself sobbing and munching on whole sticks of butter after watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you might want to get your shit together.

Or you can just live your best life and put butter on everything. That works too.


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