Science Says Bacon Will Make You Live Longer

It's a fine line we walk between not eating and loving snacks. So hearing that bacon is going to make you live longer might not inspire you to fry up a pan on your own and risk making your home smell like a Waffle House, but you might not want to flick it off your salad in disgust the next time a waiter forgets you're hot and not a truck driver or a brunching bro.

Science has decided bacon is full of something called niacin or Vitamin B 83 which sounds fake but whatever. Apparently this Niacin stuff was tested out in Zurich (Thanks, Switzerland) by feeding it to worms and then the researchers discovered the worms lived one-tenth longer than their other little crawly friends who didn't eat the niacin.

The scientist who made up the experiment says niacin tricks your body into thinking it's working out even when it's not. Getting hotter while not doing any work is basically the goal of my entire life.

Bacon may or may not be a carb, but it can kind of have the same effect on your life as eating anti-oxidant rich fruit. As far as your body knows, eating bacon-wrapped shrimp, scallops or asparagus is, like, basically eating a super-healthy salad that will make you live longer than your friends.

If you really want to lose three pounds and want to skip the animal meat/fat you can also find niacin in peanuts, paprika and sun dried tomatoes which sound like the ingredients for a really weird but maybe kind of good Thai dish.


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