Science Finds Bartenders More Likely To Serve Drunk Betches Than Drunk Bros

The Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drugs did a study to see if bartenders served alcohol to people who seemed drunk, even though it's technically against the law in Norway. Kind of like how it's technically against the law to serve drinks to a pretty girl who doesn't have an ID (lol Kyra Kennedy). So the NIAD paid out of work actors (see: Macaulay Culkin) to go to bars, pretend to be drunk, and see if bartenders would serve them drinks – this definitely was the plot line for an episode of The Simple Life. They went to 135 bars and drank 425 drinks on Friday and Saturday nights – aka your sorority's initiation weekend. Here were their results:

78 people were denied, meaning that 82 percent of “drunks” were served alcohol. Which means that bartenders DGAF about giving drunk people more drinks, so there is a God. And 95% of drunk women (drunk ass betches) were served, while only 67% of drunk bros were served. TBH, we already knew that women get served more at bars and that our drinks are made stronger, those are the perks of having boobs. No word yet on whether Emma Watson will be including this in her He for She Campaign.


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