Sauvignon Blanc: Learn Your Wine

GOD It’s finally fucking Friday. I’m sure we’re all super excited to gtfo of work and drink a bottle of wine. This week, we’re exploring the up and coming Sauvignon Blanc, which will hopefully knock less hot Chardonnay off its ivory tower.


Sauvignon Blanc (god it sounds so classy) is a green skinned grape variety that, once more and like most of these fucking wines, originated in the Bordeaux region of France. It’s thought that the name Sauvignon Blanc comes from the French word sauvage – meaning wild and blanc – meaning white; thus, wild white. Weirdly, it seems like the term wild white would also apply to the white-girl-wasted moments experienced by some of my friends (Heidi, get your shit together). 

Types and tastes 

Regardless of region, you’re going to get primarily lime, green apple, passion fruit, and peach. However, you’re also going to get herby notes like bell pepper (weird), grass, and gooseberry … whatever that tastes like. The wine is pretty dry, although some regions (cough California and New Zealand cough cough) tend to add back in some sugar so it’s like, richer tasting. There are, as per usual, three loosely referenced styles which you can reference when looking for a really yummy Sauvignon Blanc:

  • Fruity: Obviously this is going to have the fruit front and center and will present things like grapefruit, lime, and melon. These are also usually kind of crisp.
  • Grassy: These are going to bring into play those herby flavors, like the pepper, grass, and even mineral tastes.
  • Oak: You’ll get kind of the same oak-y flavor you would with a Chardonnay, but you’ll also get some vanilla and an overall “creaminess.”

Drink with

The general rule with Sauvignon Blanc is to go green. Because of all the herby notes, this white wine pairs super well with anything using cilantro, rosemary, parsley, basil, or mint.

If you’re craving meat, you can do chicken, turkey, or pork pretty flawlessly. Also, white fish like tilapia and sea bass and shellfish like mussels and lobster are good choices. Mild is key.
This is one of the few wines that pairs super well with sushi.

For your fancy fucking cheese party, pair the Sauvignon Blanc with anything kind of sour or briny – think goat’s milk cheeses and the like.

If you don’t believe in eating tasty animals and you only want to eat fungus and veggies, you’ll need to sauté or cook them if you’re serving alongside Sauvignon Blanc. Try a quiche, veggie lasagna, or casserole.

So go get white-girl-wasted (or whatever-color-wasted/all lives matter, etc…cue the comments) on this wild white wine. Try Smoking Loon for a bargain or just go with Robert Mondavi or Barefoot if you’re on a college budget.


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