Sarah Silverman Gets High And Cooks And You Get To See The Video

Sarah Silverman just might have beat out J Law for “the celeb you want to be your bestie.” She joined Hannah Hart on the latest episode of My Drunk Kitchen, which sounds kind of like a lame version of Drunk History, but who am I to judge. Why would I want to watch someone trying to drunk cook a pizza and nearly burn down their apartment in the process when I lived that two nights ago?

Anywho, since Sarah Silverman doesn’t drink since she thinks it takes gross, they got high and made veggie pot pie–yes, I realize “pot pie” has the word “pot” in it, it's not that funny. Note to Sarah, if you think wine tastes like “mayonnaise ear wax” (which was a thing she actually said) you clearly need to read Learn Your Wine because you’re doing something wrong. 

Check out the video to see the hilarity that ensues and maybe your Monday will be a little less shitty (you’re welcome).


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