Sarah Palin Wants You To Speak American

In the past few weeks, joke of a presidential candidate Donald Trump has put literally every other Republcan candidate on blast.

Trump told reporters at Rolling Stone something was wrong with Carly Fiorina’s face. Previously he's said that Jeb Bush was low energy and was in the wrong for responding to a question in Spanish.

TBH, telling someone their face is messed up and that they’re a bore whore is part of my insult repertoire, but the Trumpster has been taking major heat from people for the ad hominem attacks.

Never fear, super Tea Party woman Sarah Palin is here to defend him and his dumbass comments.

Monday she flip-flopped to a CNN reporter that it’s nice that Jeb has the ability to hablar espanol, but Donald Trump was kind of right in criticizing him because people in America should speak American. I kid you not.

The being said, the U.S. doesn’t actually have an official language, but I’m pretty sure it would be American if we did. Right, Palin?


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