Sarah Palin Interviewed Donald Trump And It Was Amazing

If you feel like it’s been a while since we heard about Sarah Palin, you’re right. Well, she resurfaced a few days ago hosting a show called “On Point With Sarah Palin,” on a network called One America News, which no one has ever heard of. This basically means that no one at Fox News likes Sarah Palin enough to give her a full-time job, so she’s stuck on some rando channel.



Sarah interviewed Donald Trump, which was basically just ten minutes of her telling him how great he is. She asks him a lot of softball questions and calls him a “truth talker,” which is pretty fucking hilarious. He talked some shit about a lot of his opponents, and Sarah Palin pretty much acted like she wants to make out with him the whole time. It’s funny how far Sarah Palin has fallen from being the VP candidate seven years ago, and how far Donald Trump will probably fall in the next year.


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