Sarah Palin Is An Influencer Now

There’s a popular saying that goes, “you either die a hero or live long enough that you’re forced to promote skinny tea on Instagram.” Unfortunately, Sarah Palin isn’t dead. (JK JK JK) The former vice presidential candidate and mother to children with names that sound like sporting goods brands, has taken on a new business venture. In a post yesterday, she praised the health benefits of Teami Blends Skinny Tea. That’s right, Sarah Palin is selling skinny tea on Instagram. Supposedly it keeps you awake and it definitely makes you shit a lot. That’s how the stars stay skinny, honey!

While there was truly so much going on in this photo — her distant gaze into the abyss — what is missing from the post is anything clarifying that it’s an ad. The Federal Trade Commission requires that posters disclose if their posting is an #ad or #not. So technically, Sarah Palin is breaking a law unless she really genuinely just loves #TeamiBlends and happens to miraculously have a discount code. #TeamiBlends won’t address directly if Palin was paid for the post but they did release a statement saying, “We are very lucky that she chose to share her Teami experience with her audience.”



What an Instagram diet tea considers luck I consider a depressing downward spiral into financial destitute. Potato potato, y’all. And yes, I just became aware that that saying doesn’t work when you write it out.

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