San Fran Wants To Pee Shame Public Urinators With Water Repellant Paint

If you ever have to pee in a public place, make sure you’re not doing it in the streets if you happen to be in San Francisco.  The city is working on an initiative to paint its walls with a special repellent that will splash back anyone that tries to pee on the streets with their own pee. Ugh, the only thing worse than having to pee with no bathroom is getting splashed by your own pee.

This sounds like a great idea in theory, and apparently it's already being used in Hamburg, Germany.  But where is the pee supposed to go after it splashes back on you? Doesn’t some of it just land on the ground, away from the wall?  Though this paint would come in handy for clothes, if you’re prone to sweating.

The city says that knowing this paint exists is going to deter people from letting it go on the streets. But if they wanted to cut corners they could just put up signs but not paint every building, and I bet that would still stop people. Look, we all know that if you really have to pee, just walk into the nearest hotel or Starbucks. But if all options are exhausted – between peeing on yourself and peeing on a repellent wall, we’d probably still pick the latter.




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