Samantha Bee Shut Down Vanity Fair’s All Male Cover Of Late Night Hosts With One Word

Earlier this week, Vanity Fair debuted their newest cover featuring all the late night hosts that will be on TV next year. Well, all of the ones that have a Y chromosome that is. Paired with the caption “We talked to all the titans of late-night television, and found out why it's better than ever”, Vanity Fair tweeted the photo featuring 10 all male late night hosts, including Trevor Noah who hasn’t even had his first Daily Show episode yet.

We’re not here to bitch about the lack of female representation in late night, because the internet has done that already. And TBH it’s not Vanity Fair’s choice who’s on TV. But they did leave out a very important woman who is hosting a late night show, and that’s Samantha Bee.

You know, the longest running Daily Show correspondent that also happens to not be a man? That Samantha Bee. In response to getting shut out of the Boys Club cover, she replied with her own photo:



Yep, a lot better.

Samantha’s show, Full Frontal, premieres on TBS in January 2016 and we’re already excited.


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