TMZ Found The Mystery Man In The Kardashian Thanksgiving Instagram

Unless you gave a shit about hanging out with your family over Thanksgiving, you saw the Insta of the Kardashian family that they all posted. Most people cared about Caitlyn, Tyga, and Scott getting invited. Family first! Even after divorce, FaceTiming a stripper, and “not dating” an 18 year old model.

Some people were concerned about Khloe’s proximity to Kendall considering her staph infection. Others noticed North, Reign, Mason, and Penelope’s facial expressions that just scream “Please Set Us Free!” You’d think they’d be used to being Instagram props by now. Mason is barefoot because he thought he could run away faster without his shoes.

But the actually important thing in the photo was the total rando in the bottom left corner. WHO THE FUCK IS HE??? It was the question that haunted my weekend, other than “When are you going to give me a grandchild?” He could’ve been Kendall or Kourtney or Khloe’s new bf – lol James Harden didn’t make the cut. He could’ve been a cousin or family friend, but we would’ve seen him in previous Instas then. He could’ve been a new member of the glam squad responsible for organizing their closets.

Well, TMZ, the world’s most important investigative journalist, tracked this guy down. Turns out, his name is Sakiya, and he’s besties with Kanye. He was the ghost-writer for Kanye’s “Thank You and You’re Welcome,” which was a book filled with Kanye’s favorite sayings aka a sad handwritten book. He was also in Kim and Kanye’s wedding, so one step above Rob Kardashian. Kanye invited Sakiya to the Kardashian’s Thanksgiving, because Sakiya loves Kanye like Kanye loves Kanye. Now if only they could find Rob…