You Can Sail On The Titanic, But Like Why?

Some genius decided to recreate the “Unsinkable Ship” just to fuck with fate. Some billionaire decided to build an exact replica of the Titanic, minus Leo Dicaprio. If you want to spend approx $1,000,000 and pretend you’re Madeline Astor, then this is the vacation for you.

The ship will can hold 2,400 guests and 900 crew members. It’ll have first, second, and third class cabins – but like, if you’re paying that much money to play a glorified game of pretend, who the fuck would choose to be in third class? Maybe instead of living like an impoverished immigrant, you could use that money to spend a week in Cabo. Just an idea.


Hopefully this ship won’t sink – even though that would be the most ironic thing to happen since X. The design has been updated to strengthen the hull and include modern navigation and plenty of lifeboats, which seems like they’re half-assing a replica. This sounds like the type of vacation for rich divorces and the children of celebrities aka somebody needs to film it as a reality show. At least with global warming, there shouldn’t be any icebergs to sink this Titanic. 


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