Sad Cat Lady Goes Blind When Her Cat Licks Her Eye

More reason to avoid becoming a cat lady – an Ohio woman apparently went blind in one eye after her beloved kitty licked her eye.  Look, we hate branching out as much as you do, but maybe make some human friends and keep the licking between humans. This would never happen if her cat was a dog – sorry, cat people.

Supposedly the cat was carrying a disease called cat-scratch fever, which is harmful to humans but not to cats (surprise).  And no, it’s not the name of a strip club, but either way you should stay away from it.  Which means you should stay away from cats, because 40% of them carry this. Also because they kill animals for fun.

Although we have to say it's impressive that despite being killing machines, cats still remain one of the most adorable creatures. It's actually a little bit inspiring, as long as you're not getting blinded by their bacteria.


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