Ryan Devlin from 'Are You The One?' Talks Season 5 With The Betches

We’re excited to see another season of AYTO! This show has a large following, us included. Why do you think viewers love AYTO so much?

I think it’s 99% me, and 1% all the drama, hookups, heartbreak, and love. Or maybe it’s the other way around? Yeah, that’s probably more accurate. Look, this is a show unlike ANYTHING on television. Everyone either wins together or they lose together. Their perfect match is standing right in front of them…but will they be able to get past their terrible instincts and find him or her? This show has everything. I’m so stoked for this season!

You’ve been with the show all 5 seasons and we’ve watched alongside/prayed for you. What’s the craziest thing that a cast member has done on the show?

Some of it is so crazy we can’t air it ;). But what I can tell you is that things can get heated really fast. It’s an emotional rollercoaster from week to week—or hour to hour. These people are putting their hearts on the line, along with a million bucks, and the gloves come off really fast in some instances. Like last season, where Prosper started to come after me during a matchup. Or when Amanda and I really got into it with each other. It’s real emotion, and I can lose my cool too. But I think the fans like that sometimes!

Do you watch the episodes when they air? And while you’re watching them, what alcoholic beverage do you drink? (We assume you drink during these things. We do.)

A stiff cocktail is always recommended—during the filming AND airing. I try to theme my drinks to each season. Fireball season one, Pratt Juice season two, foamers (beer) season three, water season four (they were weak), and this season…I think I’ll go with tequila. And I’m going to need a lot of it, based on how the filming went.

Describe Season 5 in five words.

Hold on to your butts.

With that being said, what should viewers expect in Season 5? Drama? Actual romance? A glimpse into the beginnings of alcoholism?

A ton of twists and turns, starting in the first episode. Spoiler Alert (not at all a spoiler since MTV already announced it), this season we have 11 couples. 11 guys, 11 girls, and 1 host trying to remember everyone’s names. That means more chances at love…but also more heartbreak, hookups, and fighting. It’s going to be so lit! (The cast likes it when I try to talk like them.)

Each season’s cast is…well…different. What’s this cast like?

Probably the most “romantically free” cast we’ve had. These guys and gals don’t have any issues fooling around, with multiple people, all the time. No judgement, no shame, just testing out the waters before you commit to one pool. Or penis. I’m talking about lots of sex.

Be honest, do you read our recaps? Because we think we say pretty much everything you are secretly thinking.

I haven’t, but I’ve heard awesome things. Even some of the cast members were talking about your recaps this year when we were filming. So I’ll do my best to get my head out of my ass and follow your words this season. Hell, it’s gotta be better than anything I’m reading in the New York Times these days. (Writer’s Note: True AF.)

Finally, Ryan I’ve looked up your IMDb page and it says you were on Grey’s Anatomy. Very important question for you—McDreamy or McSteamy? If you don’t know what that is, we promise they are not burgers from McDonald’s.


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