Russell Wilson and Ciara Don’t Have Sex. WTF

So, two of the world's most beautiful humans start dating and don't bang.

What. The. Fuck.

Here's a story. Before they were dating, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson apparently saw Ciara from afar and told one of his friends, “Hey. She's hot. I'm going to date her.”


A few months later, he said he was sitting behind her in her dressing room on tour, probably watching her undress like a creep, and he said God started speaking to him. God told Russell Wilson to “lead her.”

Lead her to the bedroom? To his red room of pain?

No. Russell meant to lead her away from the “extra stuff.” Extra stuff, for those of us who speak betch, means sex. Lots, and lots, of sex. Which I'd like to imagine that two people this beautiful would be having regularly. But no.

Russell Wilson was sharing all of this during an appearance at a church. He then asked the congregation to pray for him so he wouldn't fuck Ciara.

SMH @ humanity.


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