Top 10 Reasons why Ross Geller is a Nice Guy

So every betch knows that Friends is the greatest show of all time and we're completely obsessed with all of their characters. However, we also know that Ross Geller is the biggest nice guy on the planet and even though we don't totally hate him, we needed to dedicate an entire post to ruthlessly making fun of him due to the fact that betches #33 hate nice guys. So here are the top 10 scenes and quotes which prove Dr. Ross Geller is nicer than Gandhi dressed in Hello Kitty at a Glee Concert while hanging out with Anne Hathaway.

10. He carries a torch for his first kiss with Rachel which was actually his first kiss with his fat sister.


9. He won't even give you the finger. He just does this weird queer shit.


8. This picture


7. Even while Rachel is breaking up with him, he's still a fucking grammar Nazi.


6. He said it, not us.


5. Somehow the fact that Ross and Joey love taking #170 naps together makes Joey a bro an Ross probs gay. Notice who the little spoon is.


4. This is his superhero alter ego:


3. He enjoys speaking in a high pitched voice while drinking fruity cocktails.


2. He thought it was okay to go to the prom looking like this. And then wondered why this happened…


1. His job is a paleontologist. That means he's smart but he CHOOSES to not make that much money.


Okay fine so we'll give him a break. I mean he did sort of invent #58 house music:


And he was sort of a douchebag while dating a girl who was way hotter than him. I guess maybe he could segue into #19 ugly hot?


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