Rosé: Learn Your Wine

So because it’s negative shit degrees outside, we decided to use this week’s edition of Learn Your Wine to explore Rosé; the pink and just oh-so-summery drink that’s great for chugging, delicately drinking, or mixing with much, much stronger alcohol.


Some idiots are under the impression that you get Rosé wine by mixing white and red grapes. Wrong. You get Rosé wine by lightly crushing red grapes and leaving pulp, skin, and juice to macerate together. Then, the juice is strained from the solids and fermented to make the actual wine. Usually Grenache or Cinsault grapes are used (because I’m sure you were fucking wondering).

Types and tastes:

Unlike most of the other shit covered here on Learn Your Wine, Rosé is a type of wine – not really a varietal. So like, you’d classify with red or white; not with Chardonnay of Merlot. Got it? So a TYPE of Rosé or blush wine would be White Zinfandel, which we’ll cover eventually. Also, be sure to always serve this wine COLD, fucking duh.

  • Regardless of the actual type of Rosé you’re drinking, you’re sure to get some flavors that’ll be true across the board. Floral aromas plus strawberry, cherry, and spice are usually at the front of your palate with a Rosé. A dry Rosé is crisp and only a bit sweet; anything semi-dry or not dry is going to give you something more of a White Zinfandel/wine cooler taste.

Drink with:

For the sake of argument, Rosé is kind of a balance between red and white wine, you can pair it with more delicate cuisines.

  • Asian cuisine, like curry (which I told you how to make earlier this week), would be great with a semi-sweet Rosé.
  • Seafood and Rosé are pretty much best friends. White fish like tilapia, cod, and flounder go well as do scallops, crab, and lobster.
  • More alcohol goes well with Rosé. No joke – it mixes super well. So like if you were to combine simple syrup, raspberries, vodka, lime, and Rosé, you have a pretty decent drink. JUST SAYING.

Let’s all pretend it’s summer and drink Rosé – except those reading who aren’t fit to wear anything revealing the wrist or ankle until they hit the gym. You can drink PBR.


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