Ronnie Magro's Baby Mama Was Arrested For Domestic Battery

You know when you’ve gone to barbecue with your  infant child and you’re driving home and you and your partner start bickering? Having a bit of a lover’s spat, perhaps?

K, what about the part where you decide to kick said partner out of your car and as he’s trying to get out of the seatbelt, you just take off, so he is being dragged in the street by the vehicle in front of his infant daughter?

That’s where our fav Jersey Shore nightmare couple differs a little bit than the rest of us. Jen Harley was arrested last night for domestic battery after getting in a huge fight with Ron while driving home from a barbecue. The fight allegedly turned physical (while driving an infant? Really?) and Jen pulled over to let Ron out of the car. Instead of like, you know, actually letting him get out of the car, she allegedly drove off while he was still partially in the car and stuck in the seatbelt, resulting in him getting literally dragged and apparently injured.

So first she drags him on Instagram for being a cheater and a cokehead and now she (allegedly) drags him physically on the streets of Las Vegas. It would almost be poetic, except that domestic violence is always horrible.

RadarOnline reports that Jen’s bail has been set to $3,000, but the emotional scars will last forever for their 2-month-old child. And probably the physical scars for Ronnie.

This is why certain dumbasses should not procreate. I would love to know what they were fighting about—perhaps the most recent episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation where Ron once again solidifies how much he can’t stand Jen and doesn’t want to be with her? I mean, so then you like, break up and stop hanging out at barbecues together. You don’t attempt to run them over with your car. In front of your child. I could totally be a family counselor with that kind of logic.

Let’s hope these trash bags find some help soon, or I can just imagine how that baby is going to grow up—if they don’t kill each other first. Hope Ronnie has a speedy recovery.

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Holly Hammond
Holly Hammond
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