154. Rolling Deep

As a hot and likable betch with many friends and minions, you're bound to have a lot of #144 anxiety over your packed social life. You would never refer to yourself as a loner or one betch wolf pack, on the other hand you probably have too many besties and are maybe trying to get rid of a few, who can say.

You see, when most people attend a concert or festival they'll smoke in the parking lot with a friend or two and maybe down a few beers while listening to some chill music. Betches, on the other hand, will never do this because we're neither fat nor poor. Instead, we show up to these events rolling deep, as in we'll only ride in a with a big group of besties that are DTFR: down to fucking rage. Put simply, a betch showing up to a concert without rolling deep is like going to the bathroom at a club and not cutting the line, really fucking boughie.


rolling deep


But since betches are always #108 late, your besties probably won't arrive until later, let's say they usually take an hour to show up. And because these music festivals last all day, you and your crew will probably endure a few ups and downs. Like sometimes you're surrounded by your besties and hooking up with bros and trees to the most sensational and unreal sounds that could come out of a speaker, but then there are points when your crew has dwindled and only the UGH is around. Why do I know exactly whats going on right now? Why am I so sweaty? How many licks to the center of this lollipop? Why am I so sweaty?

Oh, and when you and your besties go out rolling deep, these occasions are the only ones in which your bottle service may refer to plastic, fucking duh. It's also nice to have a big group with you because when you're dancing and rubbing ice all over the face of the guy next to you, you'll probably want to know him.

Rolling deep is a maneuver that if done properly will guarantee you the best time of your life. The secret to achieving the perfect day is simple: don't lose your friends. Roll shallow and not only will the music suck, but you won't even have anyone to bitch about it to. So betches, roll deep with your besties. And if they all happen to be named Molly, the more the merrier.


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