Rob Gronkowski Goes Wild At The Boston Super Bowl Parade

Rob Gronkowski – he plays football for the Patriots (ever heard of them?) – wasn't the Superbowl MVP, but he fucking rocked the Superbowl parade through Boston. Everybody else just waved from their duck boats – sorry, not sorry but Tom Brady and his gapped tooth son were not impressive. Gronk had to have been tripping like Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella, because he was out of control.

Homeboy was climbing all over his duck boat – one picture looks like he's legit twerking off the side of the car. He wore a Minion's hat like that movie, aka he got dressed after the pregame. People threw alcohol at him, which must have made him feel like a sorority sister on spring break. He was chugging beers and doing Fireball shots the whole time – so was he in a frat or was he in a frat? God bless Gronk.




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