RKOBH Recap: Beverly Hills Takes New York

Last night the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills attempted to take New York but had a little bit of trouble because no one's hair was bouncy enough and nobody smiled or knew who they were. Welcome to the best city ever. So Morgan is there for work, Roxy is there for work to tag along, and Dorothy is there for a cronut.

Most of this episode felt like it was devoted to showing off various colors of rockstud Louboutins, displaying price tags, and elaborating on the classiness of their takeout, while pretending not to be wearing makeup at this sleepover even though anyone without cataracts could see they clearly were. Also Farrah (Richards?) just happens to be Dorothy's closest friend and Farrah's step dad just happens to be Dorothy’s boss? Actually that makes perfect sense for how Dorothy would get a job.

Can we talk about how the whole idea behind Morgan's “blog launch party” was totally absurd. In the first episode she's all like, I have this amazing blog I write all the time! and now she's having a relaunch because it died down and she wants to start again. So basically you're just having a party. We have no problem with that, but you should just say it. And her interactions with her parents are great. Just look at my blog, college wasn't such a waste of money!

Morgan: TALK to me about my outfit! I look like a fucking Kennedy don't I!?
Mom: Not really…

…Morgan is literally perfect for reality TV.

This look totally screams Ivanka Trump. Everyone chic in NYC walks around like that.

My favorite part of the whole episode had to be when Dorothy gave the guy from Dominique Ansel Bakery a lesson in economics. I have a question, why don't you just make more? It's all about supply and demand, and the demand is here right now. Sorry Dorothy, money can't buy you cronuts. Stick with your Hermes mobile. The best part of the cronut ideal to me is that the producers obviously knew you couldn't just walk in and get a cronut and that the line starts at 6am. And if Dorothy was so obsessed with getting one, she probably would definitely have read that in one of the millions of places it was written on the internet. Okay so it was all staged, I'M SO SURPRISED. “I am NOT instagramming anything associated with this bakery.” Nope, you'll just film half an episode there.

So the NYC trip was whelming, even though they weren't in Europe. The biggest question this episode left me with is when the fuck are they going to have like actual drama and fighting besides splitting the bill? Will this show have a reunion? It seriously better.

Quotes of the Night

“I feel like everywhere we go champagne's just always waiting” Yeah, because your producers are getting it for you.

“How is it that I can get a dozen Birkins but not two cronuts??”

Morgan: In case for some reason I get lost and I need to go New Jersey…thin arm?
Brendan: Thin arm.


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