What Your Lip Smackers Flavor Said About You

Terrible news betches, Bonne Bell sold Lip Smackers – the best makeup product since the eyelash curler, flavored lip gloss. RIP everything. Without Lip Smackers, I wouldn't have eaten tubes of chapstick during my pre-teen years or known the importance of root beer flavored makeup. This has been a pretty terrible year for retail – Delia's, Sky Mall, and now Lip Smackers. But technically, the brand is being sold to another company, so it could make a comeback, but tbh if it's not Bonne Bell I'm not all that interested. It's kind of like when Project Runway switched from Bravo to Lifetime, and we all stopped watching. Anyways, there were three types of girls who used Lip Smackers, here's what your favorite flavor says about you:

Girls Who Eat Their Feelings

Birthday Cake
Vanilla Malt Shake
Salted Caramel


The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet:

Dr. Pepper
Pina Colada
Vitamin Water

The Nice Girls:

Sour Grapes


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