Riley Curry Continues To Be A Tiny Betch Spirit Animal

Remember how Riley Curry was, like, cute as fuck at her dad, Steph’s press conference last week? Well she’s at it again and admitting that she’s totally #blessed.

In fact, she’s taking it one step further and singing the hook of Big Sean’s “Blessings”. This tiny human has better taste in music than most of the 20-somethings I know. Also, her dad lets her listen to this song, which makes him parent of the year. 


She tried to make her point twice because she really wanted the reporters to know that her life is going to be way fucking amazing because she’s adorable, a member of the lucky sperm club, and apparently pretty self-aware for a two-year-old.


During Steph’s post-game interview Riley also brought back some betch-fan favorites including: resting her head on the table as a sure sign of boredom and making exaggerated yawn sounds.

Oh, she also made a staff member at Oracle Arena hold her gum so she could play in the curtains. Amazing.


Riley Curry is my spirit animal.


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