Rihanna’s Performance Removed From NFL Thursday Because of Ray Rice Thing

So, in the NFL's desperate quest to continue to fuck up this Ray Rice thing as completely as possible, CBS announced today that they will be permanently canceling Rihanna's latest gig as the singer of the new Thursday Night Football opening credits because apparently the best way to show that you support survivors of domestic violence is to fire them from their jobs.

As you can imagine, RiRi was NOT down with this announcement and took to twitter to put the NFL and CBS on blast for their bullshit, which, ironically, makes her the last person on earth to do so.



And, seriously, NFL what the fuck? How does whether or not you let Rihanna sing “Run This Town” and make her fucking money help or hurt the fact that you DGAF about violence against women? Wouldn't it be like, helpful to have a domestic abuse survivor as a spokeswoman for your shitty, poorly run organization? Do all football loving women have to be penalized now for your shitty handling of this situation? What if you focused on your own culture of not-giving-a-shit about women instead of going out of your way to make it harder for actual abuse survivors to live their life and smoke all the diamond blunts they want without being constantly reminded of the abuse they suffered? Do all betches have to take the fall for the fact that these bros don't know what they're doing? Ugh. Over it.

Source: People




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