Rihanna Had the Best 4/20 Ever

The award for best 4/20 goes to Rihanna who, based on her instagram, looks like she had an epic day from morning to night complete with strip clubs, joints, and cake.

@badgalriri: Our #420 on #420 #clique

Nothing screams badass like a 420 bicycle ride in the parking lot of a public pool and/or state prison. 

@badgalriri: What did I do to deserve the epicness that is my fans??!!! @janiseeaileen gyal you a real top shotta!!!!! Thank you for lighting up my day, no pun intended!!#420Life

Big applause to this cake shop for even getting the seed details. #phuckyoseeds

@badgalriri: #420 it's a celebration bitches!! Thank you to all my ft. Lauderdale and Miami fam that came through #DWT#backstageLife.

Is it me or does the cake look alive? Like it/he looks like it/he could be Towelie's distant relative, Leafie. 

@badgalriri: Only bad bitches get backstage on the #DIAMONDSWorldTour #nobasiczone @adrianalima

That's Adriana Lima? Sort of resembles an eastern European …of the street walker variety. 

@badgalriri: I still got my money #420

Rihanna compares shoes with a stipper and tells the world “she still got her money.” I forgot what any of this has to do with 4/20. 

@badgalriri: K.O.D got me a #420 welcome #cake to pop my cherry! #whenwillyourfave

How much cake does this bitch eat? 

@badgalriri: Wild for the night, phuck being polite!

Ok that's like seven dollars, chill out. 

@badgalriri: Pool day

Night vs Morning: A juxtaposition of pictures. Ri's a badgal and an artist. 

@badgalriri: Shout out to my lover @charliebymz Thank u for designing what has to be my favorite bikini of all time!

…I don't get it. 

@badgalriri: Playin hard to get, but he loves me!

After this picture was taken Rihanna blew a shotty into this kid's mouth.  


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