Rich Homie Quan And Young Thug Are The Ultimate On Again/Off Again Couple

In case you didn’t know (so this applies to like, everyone in the world except me, probs) Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug—those two Atlanta rappers that you probably confuse all the time—used to be BFF’s and have been kind of feuding for a while, for reasons nobody quite knows. Or maybe one of them explained it at some point, but we couldn’t understand what they were saying. It happens.

It popped off like a year ago when Young Thug called Rich Homie Quan “bitch homie quan” at a show—good one. From there all the usual shit you can expect from a rap feud in 2016 happened: lots of Twitter fingers, not much trigger fingers, etc.

But now it seems like everyone’s favorite on again/off again celeb couple may be getting back together (not Justin and Selena…Rich Thug? Young Homie?). Rich Homie Quan recently posted a video to Instagram, tagged Young Thug in it, and wrote “u can say fuck me all u want to u still my BESTFRIEND.”


@thuggerthugger1 u can say fuck me all u want to u still my BESTFRIEND

A video posted by That’s✌™ (@richhomiequan) on

Awww. This is the shit you say to a friend who’s clearly working through some issues and is pushing you away because they don’t know how to deal with it—like when you told your friend Katie you could no longer stand by and watch her get stepped all over by Chad, and she said “fuck you, you don’t know me” and ignored you for like, a week. Rich Homie Quan knows Young Thug is going through some shit right now, and is basically hitting him with the “I will always love you.” Whatever you’re going through, Young Thug, your boy Rich Homie Quan is here for you. You have people who love and care about you.

All I want is for a guy to love me as much as Rich Homie Quan loves Young Thug. Is that so much to ask?


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