Rich Betches Have Better Sex (and less STDs)

In case you weren't sold on the case for being rich, in addition to the regular perks of being wealthy (such as having money and how it can buy you almost everything except MAYBE happiness, but only according to some people), having more money also means you probably have a better sex life and fewer STDs. Yay! According to this study by the Barcelona Public Health Agency, this statistic is especially true for women, and if you're reading this you probably are one (statistically), so this is scientific proof for all the haters that you don't need money solely for materialistic reasons, but because you want better sex, duh. Not getting chlamydia and dying is just another perk that comes with being able to afford a private jet. Aside than that, abuse is less common among the more well-off and I mean, who doesn't want to not be abused? See: Armstrong, Taylor.

So betches, if you needed any more motivation to find a rich husband or fight for the greater part of the inheritance, here it is. And if you absolutely have to, we guess you could get a job. But then you risk being too busy for all the amazing sex you could be having. Choices. 

Source: Daily Mail


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