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Here Are 9 Gifts That Won't Make Your Situationship Cringe (Or Run Away)

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Dating is already complicated enough as it is. But, dating around the holidays!? Phew. That’s a whole other story. If you’re struggling with deciding if you should buy that special someone a gift this year or if a gift too soon will make them run away (Hi, avoidants!), this guide is for you.

Instead of just rounding up some gifts for boyfriends and girlfriends, I’ve got you covered in all stages of a relationship. Whether you’re just having fun as friends with benefits, just entered the talking stage a few weeks ago, or you’re stuck in a situationship that you refuse to get out of (praise be), I’ve covered all bases. And yes, those of you who’ve made it official get some recs too.

For friends with benefits

Look, you don’t have to want to date each other. And if you’re not hurting anyone with your occasional hookups, there’s no shame in that…or buying them a cheeky holiday gift (especially if it’s mutually beneficial).

A bottle of natural wine

Avaline Red Blend

A sex toy starter pack

Maude Vibe + Shine—Flutter-Tip Vibrator And Organic Lubricant Set

For the ‘talking stage’

Freshly dating someone around the holidays can be tricky territory, but if it’s clear that you like each other and this might actually be going somewhere, a teeny gift won’t hurt (or creep them out).

A dainty lil’ plant

Snake Plant Laurentii

For your next game night

The Date Night Game for Couples

For the rollercoaster situationship

UGH. I know we all it here, but should you really be getting the person who can’t commit a holiday gift!? I personally think they’d deserve something like this lump of coal, but to each his own. If you must get them something, here ya go.

A candle that (literally) says it all

World's Okayist Situationship Candle

For Netflix and chillin’

Netflix Digital Gift Card

For the officially official

Made it past the dreaded “so, what are we” conversation? Now we’re talkin’. Get them something extra special for finally making the jump (and to get some cute photos, of course).

The cutest keepsake ever

Lovebox Color & Photo

Your very own anniversary journal

The Personalized Anniversary Journal


Andrea Marie
Andrea Marie