Rejoice! Taco And Middle Finger Emojis Are Coming

Apple is answering our prayers and giving betches the emojis we need for social survival in their soon-to-be-released iOS update.

iOS 9.1 will add a taco, burrito, nerd face, detective, stop hand and middle finger emoji. That’s right, you can flip someone off with an adorable emoji available in a variety of skin tones.

TBH we’ve all wondered why there hasn’t been a taco emoji since we downloaded the keyboard like, two years ago. Taco Tuesday invites will never be the same.There’s a hot dog, so we can all stop using the banana or eggplant to symbolize a penis and go with a more universal symbol. There’s also a pretty cute little lion, a unicorn, and a crab. You know, to tell someone via symbol they’re being a bitch or that they gave you an STD.

The emoji update will also allow you to pretend like you’re not going to hell with an onslaught of religious symbols. A little praying man, prayer beads, a mosque and a menorah will all appear in your keyboard.

And because betches are always #Winning, there are new medals, trophies and a bottle of champagne.

All pretty decent additions, but, let’s be honest, we’re mostly just excited for the middle finger to show up on our screens.

Happy texting, betches.


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