Red Alert: Prince Harry Is Coming to Washington DC

Prince of Your Heart, Harry, is coming to the United States. This is the closest you will ever get to a real-life Cinderella story instead of a Sunday morning when you realize you left your shoes in the Uber and wake up next to a 4.

The world's best ugly-hot ginger is officially visiting Washington DC in October as a part of his efforts to publicize the Invictus Games, which is like the Olympics for injured veterans – a man in uniform with a gold medal, be still my heart. All DC betches need to take a break from trying to wife a politician, eating at Georgetown Cupcakes, and Instagramming the White House with the caption “just signed the lease.” Sure Prince Harry probs won't marry an American with a SnapChat account, but you'll never know if you don't show up to watch his car drive by.

He might also be visiting Orlando, Florida in May 2016 for the actual Invictus competition, so that'd be a great time to plan your post-finals vacation in Orlando. Between tanning and day drinking, you can visit the games to try and oh-so-casually (read: already having a wedding Pinterest board) start a conversation with Prince Harry. But remember, nothing says wife-material like blacking out in Downtown Disney.


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