Rebel Wilson’s Most Amazing Moments

We fucking love Rebel Wilson. Everyone fucking loves Rebel Wilson. She does whatever (and probs whoever) she wants, and she’s basically never said anything that we haven’t wanted to retweet. And we rarely give up 140 characters that could be about ourselves. So in honor of our favorite betch, we compiled this list of hilarious shit she’s said and what makes her just like us, as in fucking amazing.

She has amazing judgment.

She understands why it’s so hard to #8 Not Fuck Bros…


She loves to #112 talk about herself.

She knows how to find a #52 Gay BFF.

She gets hit on everywhere she goes.

As if her name wasn’t betchy enough, Rebel clearly comes from a long line of betchy moms.

She improved the loser sneeze.

And came up with the best fucking idea since since Instagram…

She would do almost anything for a bestie…

But maybe she would horizontal run for you.

And like how all good decisions are made, she was on drugs when she decided she wanted to be famous.

“I went to a hospital in Johannesburg and the way they treat you is with very, very powerful drugs and intensive care….I was in the hospital bed hallucinating on drugs. I hallucinated that I was an actress and that I won an Oscar and instead of doing an acceptance speech, I did an acceptance rap and the crowd loved it…it was like: ‘Listen up y’all, I got something to say, it’s about this award, that I won today…’”

And finally, she #36 doesn’t do any fucking work, but she’s famous and loved.

…and let’s all admit it, we couldn’t be more fucking jealous that she eats whatever the fuck she wants. Enjoy those pancakes for us, you earned it.


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