This New Rebecca Black-esque Music Video is Mad Creepy

“After balling I go clubbing, then I’m hugging, then I’m hungry and I’m walking on the street, and I’m getting getting getting getting grumpy grumpy. I see Chow, by my right I smell food in the air. It’s Chinese Food, my favorite. So I’m getting getting getting getting hungry.”

Above are the lyrics to this new viral music video by Alison Gold, a prepubescent girl who apparently balls, goes clubbing, and thinks all chinese people are named Chow. Not surprisingly this song was produced by the same people who did Rebecca Black's 'Friday.” Rebecca Black…Alison Gold, does this company think they're Vince Gilligan?

I also really enjoy that every other subtitle is in a different language so if you don't understand English, you will only understand a third of this song. But by watching the visuals you'll probably get an idea… a slutty tween really loves egg rolls, chow moo moo moo moo mein, and pedophilic pandas and will stop at nothing to sing about it.

This video definitely does not promote any stereotypes nor make you feel at all uncomfortable (specifically during the scenes when she opens her first fortune cookie and the panda is peering over her shoulder and when the panda is swirling his finger around in sweet and sour sauce). All this video does is make you crave wonton soup.

Do we all agree that it's implied that Alison and the panda hook up at the end?


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