Real World Roundup: Tina Fey Tells Group Photog To Go Fuck Itself

The Biebs cancelled a show in Portugal due to poor ticket sales. Apparently the Portuguese aren't as into Beauty and a Beat as American tweens. Ah cultural differences, I miss abroad. Read article>>

Amanda Bynes is looking as ghetto fabulous as ever revealing her cheek piercings, long blonde curly hair, and weird fucking attitude on twitter. Not surprised but very amused that Mandy is channeling her inner Ke$ha. Read article>>

Tina Fey is becoming betchier by the minute. When a photographer asked her about her supposed feud with Taylor Swift she turned around and told said photographer to “go fuck yourself” and then to “get a real job.” Right on Tina, let a girl live. Read article>>

Just when you thought that Nice is Just a Place in France (did we mention it comes out tomorrow?) was the only book on your radar (and it should be) Mindy Kaling decided to upstage us and mention that she is about to write a second book, her memoirs or some shit (I'm not really sure I'm not reading closely. It's Monday. Fuck off.) Check it out. I hear her first book was pretty good. Oh, she's also coming back for the series finale the Office (aka the show that never ends.) Read article>>


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