Real World Roundup: There’s an Election Tomorrow and Shit

Here's a reason to switch to AT&T. A perverted Verizon Wireless employee stole naked pictures from a waitress' cell phone and shared them with his coworker. The guy was caught and fired but in case this isn't enough reason to stop taking naked pics of yourself on your phone, make sure you delete them before having your info transferred. That is unless you want the poor douchebag who tries to get you to fuck him by offering you complementary pretty iPhone cases gawking at half naked pictures of your body. Read article >>

Lindsay Lohan ran into Jimmy Fallon at Tao after he was evacuated from his downtown apartment post hurricane and told him it was so embarrassing that he was eating alone that he had to come eat a group dinner with her and her besties. The story is so riveting that Jimmy told it to former Betch of the Week Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. Clearly the hurricane is ruining lives and inconveniencing celebs to the point where they have to eat alone at the Four Seasons and be rescued from social suicide by Lindsay Lohan. Read article >>

Oh yeah, there's a presidential election tomorrow so like, vote. Or don't. Whatevski…just remember the important issues this year: equal rights and like, the future of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. There's not even an article for this one. We figured it out all on our own.

No Doubt misinterprets Pocahontas, portrays allegedly racist music video of Native Americans. The video features Gwen Stefani being tied up by cowboys in some sort of sexual way. Due to criticism, No Doubt removed the video and instead filmed it in a casino where Gwen sexily played slot machines and sold fireworks on the side of the road. Just kidding, but really people need to chill. Read article >>


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