Real World Roundup: There’s a colonial woman on the wing! (jk, it’s Kelly Osborne)

Someone (or many people) at FOX News clearly decided they #36 weren't going to do work yesterday, causing the network to falsely report that the supreme court ruled Obamacare unconstitutional. This is pretty funny. I mean we'e known for being lazy but the people at FOX take it to an entire other level. Apparently this is the kind of the that doesn't just happen in Family Guy but can actually occur in real life. See article>>

Kelly Osbourne talks about her pulling a Kristin Wiig in Bridesmaids on the plane and getting kicked off. Kelly got drunk and had a freakout but she explains that she #5 didn't eat very much so it was like, whatever. It's okay Kel, we've all been there. We usually don't need to get carried off the plane but obvi on the flights abroad we got just as blackout. No need to apologize. Just read our post on using being drunk as an excuse to do fucked up shit. Clearly someone has learned her lesson in how to: drink like a betch. Read article>>

You and your vintage Louis Vuitton purse can go fuck yourselves because this is the world's oldest purse and it's made out of real dog teeth. I bet those PETA bitches who complain about leather don't think they're such hot shit anymore. This is like a case of 101 Dalmations for the Protozoan era. But really, what were these archaic bitches storing in their purses? Some prehistoric dimebags? Perhaps a pack of minty fresh gum tree extract? We hope they put it up for auction so when we see some girl walking around with it we can compliment it and she can respond that it was her mom's in the -1980s BC. Read article>>

The Oreo, is here and queer. Get used to it. Oreo posted a rainbow cookie on its website to the outrage of many homophobes who need to like, chill the fuck out. We're somehow not surprised by the sad bigotry of those commenting on the photo, if only because only a fucking fat loser hater with nothing else to do but talk shit about our GBFFs would actually 'like' the Oreo Facebook fan page. Don't worry Nabisco, these people can definitely afford to boycott your calorific cookies. See psychotic comments here>>


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