Real World Roundup: The Spice Girls Viva Forever

This article says the more likely you are to overeat, the less likely you are to have a cocaine addiction. Surprise sur-fucking-prise. This is why nice girls are fat and betches are skinny and consistently coked out. At the end of the day though, who would you really rather be? Read article>>

Check out this pic of the Spice Girls reuniting for their Viva Forever! musical video. Obviously Posh is alone and in the corner looking mis, skinny, and dressed in all black. If she has to physically stand next to them, she'll at least let it be known that she is not in this circle of besties and she's only here for the money. Read article>>

Nora Ephron, the writer of all your favorite rom-coms from When Harry Met Sally to You've Got Mail is dead. RIP to the woman who taught betches of all generations important lessons about the creepiness of meeting a bro in a chat room and how there's no such thing as #50 guy friends. You will be missed and that's that. It's not even complicated. Read article>>

In the latest of foods that will make you fat an unlovable comes Pizza Hut's new garlic bread pizza. Okay this shit looks fucking amazing but there's no way you can possibly look good in a bikini after even looking at one of these crimes against the female figure. At least the poor will now have something to pair with their McDonalds bacon sundaes. Talk about a well balanced meal. Finally, who the fuck orders from Pizza Hut? Read article>>

James Franco and Amanda Seyfried are apparently hooking up after filming Lovelace, a film about Hugh Hefner and some porn star. You can guess who's playing who. James was spotted leaving Amanda's house after what we suspect was a magical joint-sharing post coital moment. Amanda just broke things off with Josh Hartnett and supposedly Jimmy is her rebound skank. Power to you Mandy, Regina George would be proud. Read article>>


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