Real World Roundup: Tay Gone Cray

Taylor Swift (sort-of) kidnapped her boyfriend Conor Kennedy. Supposedly after he went back to boarding school at Deerfield, the two of them had such a hard time being separated that Taylor flew him on her jet to come be with her in Nashville. When he arrived she reportedly serenaded the high school junior with an acoustic tune: why don't you seeeee you belong with meeeee? Read article>>

One of Hollywood's strictest law abiders (Linzlo, duh) has received an eviction notice of sorts from the Chateau Marmont, saying she better GTFO or else pay her $46,000 bill. Some of the more interesting facts from the bill include: 1) she bought 49 packs of cigs in 47 days and 2) she bought a chateau candle for $100. Obviously her restaurant and bar checks were what poor people would call obscenely expensive, but honestly her 2-month hotel stay cost less than most of the dinner receipts on Rich Kids of Instagram. Read article>>

The Prince Harry scandal gets better and better every day. Above you can see him (fully clothed) making a funny/scary face at a police officer. Was this from the part where he went to the police station because he lost one of his friends and stole a car and the Vegas PD are about to let some fat kid use a taser on him for kicks? Also, shocker, there are reports that people were doing cocaine in the infamous strip billiards hotel room. I mean, we just assumed. Read article>>

Not about to be upstaged by her too-cool-for-the-monarchy grandson, Queen Elizabetch took her Range Rover out for a ride while wearing a ghetto looking hoodie. Supposedly Liz was riding so dirty that when Scotland Yard pulled her over for doing 55 in a 54 and asked if she's 'some type of lawyer or something, somebody important or something?' she rapped back, I ain't pass the bar but I know a little bit, enough that you won't illegally search mah shit. Read article>>



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