Real World Roundup: T Swift is the New Face of Keds, -2

On the heels of our controversial yet popular Letter to Taylor Swift, Tay Tay has been announced as the star posing for Disney's Repunzel portrait.
Now I personally  am Team Taylor and I have to say she looks like, mad pretty here even if Disney is the most nicegirl brand in existence. But hey I mean they sell alcohol at Magic Kingdom now, right? Read article>>

Speaking of Taylor Swift, she's also the new face of Keds. This is something I can't really manage to get behind as the the brand promotes “Brave Girls” ages 13 – 20. In addition, the campaign encourages girls to do stupid shit like “say hi already” to guys, “mess up”, and “apologize.” Gross. Come on Taylor. You could've been the face of like Chanel or some shit. Drop the teeny bopper act you're pushing 24. Read article>>

Bethenny Frankel's soon to be ex hates her and wants all of her money. Um, fucking duh Bethenny is loaded and Jason is…wait what the fuck does Jason do? Exactly. He wants full custody of Bryn, alimony, and to be listed on Bethanny's life insurance claim as a beneficiary for when he eventually poisons her and blames it on Jill Zarin. Chill Hoppy, none of the rando single divorcees you're gonna be fucking are gonna want their tab picked up by Bethenny Frankel. Read article>>

As if we didn't have enough to worry about after #8 sometimes having sex with guys, now there's a new app that can be used by especially skeevy and insecure bros out there. Here's a quick rundown: it's called Playbook, it allows you more organization when you're bragging about a girl you fucked and how she was to your bros, and it was invented by a nice guy virgin. Bottom line: stop having sex with random bros. This is the kind of shit they pull. Read article>>



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