Real World Roundup: Spawn of Snooki Arrives, Apocalypse Now

In the finest match made in PR heaven, Rob Kardashian and Rihanna spent all day Saturday hanging out together, go-karting by day and clubbing by night. After her day with the Kardashian dreamboat, Rihanna reportedly popped the question: where have you been all my life? to which Rob replied: find out Sunday nights on E! at 9/8 central. Read article>>

Alert the media, Texas jails are overflowing with prostitutes! In this sort of informative article, it says that prostitutes are literally taking up space and wasting money by being in jail. Texas is the only state that makes prostitution a felony, so clearly this is important to them. Actually the part that we found interesting about this story was that about 15-18 thousand dollars are spent keeping each of these poor TGF girls locked up. Seriously Dallas, you're gonna pay for them to chill in jail when they could literally be stimulating the economy for that amount? Read article>>

Ah, the Snooki monster has finally arrived. Did this pregnancy just fly by or what? Snooks has named her new creature Lorenzo Dominic. We assume the middle name is honor of the Republic. While we obviously can't wait to watch this little babe grow up into a mature, fully formed guido, we're even more excited to see what's next for Snooki. In People she said, “It's different because now I'm not drinking. I'm usually partying and going to clubs, but pregnancy made me grow up a lot.” I mean we guess if there's ever a good reason to become the #66 UGH, preventing your own child's fetal alcohol syndrome might be it. Read article>>

A domestic abuse organization in Britain is holding a mass burning of 50 Shades of Just Okay. I mean, we kinda thought it sucked too, but chill out. The organization, called Wearside Women in Need, basically said that the “abusive” relationship in the book makes it seem like domestic violence is normal. But still, a book burning? Am I on glue or is this 2012 and we can use words to protest the things we don't like instead of burning them. Hello, trending topics, ever heard of it? Read article>>


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