Real World Roundup: Sorority Sisters Take Legally Blonde Literally, Sue Each Other

The spawn of Snooki will be named Lorenzo and this meatball should be fully cooked by September. We can't wait, mostly because we're curious how much they will sell the baby photos to People for. We're not at all excited to hear Snooks raving all about her little babe Lawwwrennzoooww, as we imagine it will sound. Vom. Read article>>

Workplace cleanses are the new trend, according to the New York Times which means it's definitely true. Disregarding the fact that cleanses are a joke and every betch knows cleanse is code for anorexia, it's clear that office cleanses are the new institutionally approved eating disorder and/or a secret plot for managers to eliminate lunch hour. I mean it's not like anyone is going to call this a reasonable diet considering it involves leveraging social pressure from your colleagues to starve yourself for your entire 8-hour work day. Hm what does that sound like? Oh right, sorority rush. Read article>>

The photos above detail a hilarious drunken betch brawl that started with a power hour pregame and ended with a law suit. It speaks for itself. And we thought our friends were crazy. Read article>>

On the topic of brawls, some freak couple in Britain got in one of the more ridiculous arguments we've heard this week, including the one above. Some bro got pissed and squirted his girlfriend with “brown sauce” because she refused to stop reading 50 Shades of Grey. Now he's charged with assault. Wow. Is brown sauce the new PETA paint? We certainly fucking hope not because that would make 50 Shades the new mink, and that book fooking sooked. Read article>>


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