Real World Roundup: Sex Tape Twinsies

Kim and Kanye aren't just lovers, they're also sex tape twinsies. RadarOnline has supposedly obtained a sex tape of Kanye and a woman who everyone seems to think is Kim K's twin. But wait, it turns out there are two sex tapes. Talk about crisis management, it's almost October and Kanye was getting worried he wouldn't meet his yearly quota of column inches, clearly it was time to send in the sharks sex tapes. Desperate times call for desperate pornographic measures. This shit has Kris Jenner all over it. Read article>>

Here's a brief Amanda Watch update for you. She hasn't really done anything that scandy, but now Mandy is taking New York. It seems like a great arrangement for her since no one in NYC really uses a car anyway. According to TMZ she was spotted wandering aimlessly around midtown (not chic) for hours, apparently shopping at American Apparel. We assume she's here to speak at the UN. Read article>>

Katie Couric decides to use her interview with Demi Lovato as an excuse to #112 talk about herself and the fact that she had bulimia when she was younger. We didn't catch it live but we're guessing the exchange went something like this…

Katie: And in college, I became…bulimic.
Demi: You can read minds?

Now this is an amazing story of Project X proportions. Some girl in Germany posted a Facebook invite to her 16th birthday and forgot to make it private, so thousands of people showed up. This is totes what Mark Zuckerberg had in mind when he said he wanted to connect the whole world make sure he never got excluded from the Phoenix parties again! So this super sweet 16 obviously got out of hand and too many people showed up for them to simply get to the kitchen and rearrange some things, to which the party girl responded, What? I can't help it I'm so popular.

Finally, in today's edition of 'celebrities who can't fucking drive', the cops are investigating Wiz Khalifa for a hit and run. We don't really care about this one, just helping you keep up with the things that matter.


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